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Repair Shoes

Resoling your shoes can significantly extend the life of your footwear, allowing you to continue to use your shoes without having to purchase a new pair.
Shoe resoling requires specific skills and knowledge to ensure accurate and safe shoe repair: before throwing away your shoes, entrust them to expert hands who will be able to put them back on track.

Vibram Climbing Authorized Cobbler

Resoling Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoe resoling refers to the process of replacing the worn rubber sole of the shoe with a new one. Resoling climbing shoes is a common practice among climbers who want to extend the life of their shoes.
In the case of free climbing shoes, the resoling process involves removing the old sole, cleaning and preparing the shoe, and then applying a new high-friction rubber sole.

Resoling Trekking/Approach Shoes

The resoling of hiking boots allows you to bring your shoes back to their original splendour. It is a process in which the sole of the boot is replaced to restore the grip, stability and protection of the foot during outdoor activities. During trekking, the soles of the boots undergo significant wear due to friction with rough terrain, rocks, mud and other external agents.


Resoling boots refers to the process of replacing the worn-out sole of a pair of boots with a new one. Resoling can be done on various types of footwear, including work boots, hiking boots, and dress boots.

The resoling of trekking boots allows you to restore your footwear to its original splendor and restore the lugs and bands of your boots.


Before throwing away your shoes, entrust them to expert hands who will be able to put them back together with Vibram soles: mountain running shoes will increase your performance. We know that running on uneven terrain also puts a strain on your footwear; we know your struggle and we know how important it is for you to rely on excellent products.


Are you considering sending your shoes to the store? Feel free to contact us at pust.resoling@gmail.com Address: Jens Bjelkes street 62b – Oslo, Norway

For correct tracking of shipments it will be necessary to indicate the sender’s name, surname, telephone number and the Pust Resoling Lab telephone number +47 489 11 831 for tracking.

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Pust Resoling Lab is a small workshop located in the center of Oslo at two minutes from Tøyen metro station.

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