Pust Resoling Lab


Pust Resoling Lab

Shoe resoling requires specific skills and knowledge to ensure an accurate and safe shoe repair. Our experience allows us to advise you on choosing the right material for the sole based on the type of use and personal preferences. Resoling your shoes can significantly extend the life of your footwear, allowing you to continue to use your shoes without having to purchase a new pair. Furthermore, resoling can be an environmentally sustainable option since it allows you to reduce the waste generated by the purchase of new shoes.

We want to give new life to worn shoes and pass on our philosophy.

The company has a precise mission: to provide a high quality shoe repair service, dedicated to those who enjoy the mountains and outdoor sports, offering specific advice and fast delivery times. The quality of the service is guaranteed by the continuous updating on the methodology for repairing and regenerating the footwear.

Pust Resoling Lab

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The resoling of climbing shoes is an artisanal process that requires technique and knowledge of the material. Trust us!


Pust Resoling Lab is a small workshop located in the center of Oslo at two minutes from Tøyen metro station.

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