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Resoling Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoe resoling refers to the process of replacing the worn rubber sole of the shoe with a new one. Resoling climbing shoes is a common practice among climbers who want to extend the life of their shoes.
In the case of free climbing shoes, the resoling process involves removing the old sole, cleaning and preparing the shoe, and then applying a new high-friction rubber sole.

It’s important to note that resoling your climbing shoes can affect the performance and fit of the shoe, so it’s important to choose a reputable repair service or follow the instructions carefully if doing it at home. Also, resoling can be more expensive than simply buying a new pair of shoes, so it’s important to evaluate the cost-benefit ratio before deciding to resole.

Vibram Climbing Authorized Cobbler

Repairs Climbing Shoes

– Halvsåler 575
– Halvsåler og tåkappe 725
– No edge 690
– Helesåler 890
– Helesåler og tåkappe 990

Additional Repairs

– Borrelås/velcro 225
– Slings 225
– Maljer 155
– Lisser 75

Climbing Rubber

XS Grip

– High performance climbing rubber
– Excellent grip on smooth
– Performs on any climbing surface

XS Grip 2

– Competition climbing rubber
– Superior pure grip
– Best for overhanging routes

XS Eco

– Made with 20% recycled high performace climbing rubber
– Long lasting grip
– Performance in all around climbing condition

XS Edge

– Precision grip
– Optimal firmness for ultimate edging
– Best for multi pitches and crackclimbing

RH Rubber

– Soft compound
– All arounder
– Good on any rock surfaces

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Pust Resoling Lab is a small workshop located in the center of Oslo at two minutes from Tøyen metro station.

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