Pust Resoling Lab


Grip Performance


– Ideal on wet surfaces – Improved grip on slippery terrain – Inspired by free climbing rubber


– Unparalled grip on wet and dry surfaces
– Superior grip with rugged longevity
– Optimal balance of stability and flexibility for ground adaptation


– Superior grip on icy surfaces and cold terrain
– Engineered for low to very low temperatures
– Rubber compound suitable for indoor\outdoor

Arctic Grip

– Excellent grip on wet ice and snow
– Superior grip
– Rubber compound suitable for indoor\outdoor

Climbing Performance

XS Grip

– High performance climbing rubber
– Excellent grip on smooth
– Performs on any climbing surface

XS Grip 2

– Competition climbing rubber
– Superior pure grip
– Best for overhanging routes

XS Edge

– Precision grip
– Optimal firmness for ultimate edging
– Best for multi pitches and crackclimbing

XS Eco

– Made with 20% recycled high performace climbing rubber
– Long lasting grip
– Performance in all around climbing condition

RH Rubber

– Soft compound
– All arounder
– Good on any rock surfaces

Durability Performance


– Tested on the world’s highest peaks
– Maintains performance at extremely low temperatures
– Firmer compound for maximum support and durability

XS Trek

– Optimal balance of traction and durability
– Responsive on unpredictable terrain
– Engineered for stability and comfort


Pust Resoling Lab is a small workshop located in the center of Oslo at two minutes from Tøyen metro station.

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